Smoke and Spiders – Attract Screen

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Spook your guests with this creepy, crawly, and smoky attract screen.

Product Information:

  • Choose MP4 or SWF versions.

Template Resolution
1920 x 1080 – Mirror
Works with all iPads
2736 x 1824 – Surface Pro 4

Software Capability
Our products are compatible with any and all major photo booth or photography workflow software using the resolution details stated above. These products can be resized easily using photoshop. See tutorial here. Softwares: Darkroom, Curator, Snappic, Breeze, Social Booth, Photo Party Upload, Fotomaster MirrorMe, DSLR Booth, etc.

All Purchases Final

Designer: Adam F.

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Choose Your Animation

Darkroom Mirror/1080 x 1920 (MP4), Fotomaster MirrorMe (SWF), iPad Booth (MP4), Landscape Animations (mp4)

These items can be found on our template catalog website called TemplateLookBook.com without pricing attached.

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