Invoicing & Payments

Effective May 30, 2021. Once an order is placed we will invoice will collect payment before we start working on any projects. If a customer does not like the proof we sent to you then we will refund 50% of your order if no extra work is done to the design. This is considered our proof and labor fee. All sales are final. 
No order will be delivered until payment is complete.

Proof Fees & Product Delivery

Proof fees are assessed only when a customer does not approve the product we deliver and cancels in part or in full after work has been completed by our designers. This fee is 50% of the agreed project quote.

Due to the poor practices of some customers, we will no longer deliver any finalized custom design product without payment in full.

We look for the word “approved”. Once we see the word approved we will package and send your custom order. If any changes are needed after the delivery are made then an edit fee will be added to the final invoice.

CUSTOM: We will send a proof either to your facebook messenger and/or email with a camera in the background photo spot for overlays with sample/proof lines on the template and/or animation. These will be removed once we have approval and final invoice is paid in fulI. 

Turn Around Times

  • Static: 1 – 3 business days. 

  • Animations take a bit longer than static designs do. Please keep that in mind. We ask for 5 business days as a comfortable time period for packs or large orders. Simple or small orders we can do within 1 – 3 business days.
  • Rush Fees: A rush fee of $20 USD will be added if ordered for a same day turn around. 

This is depending on the season. Qtr 2 and 4 are our heaviest months. 

Revision & Editing Policy

If the customer just needs a tweek to the orginal design then please see the detailed policy below.

If the customer does not like the design we originally ceate then we will allow for one complete “rebuild revision” request and one edit request to the revised proof.  From there they will have a choice between the orginal or the revison. 

Static Orders:

Editing to New Order: Baseball rules: Two (2) edit requests. This includes simple color changes, text changes, or a format change. After the second edited proof we will charge a new order fee in addition to the first order.

Editing to Existing Order: Two edit requests. This includes simple color changes, text changes, or a logo drop. After the second edited proof we will charge a new order fee in addition to the first order.

Animated Orders: 
Depending on the complexity of the design will change the editing policy above. Render times depending on the effect will effect the pricing.  

Your customer is allowed to pick between the proofs or request a revision after the first proof is sent.

A revision is defined as a whole new design. An edit is a tweak to the orginal design. 

Please make sure to add as many edits as possible to the request. Limit these to where they are not considered a complete revision.

There will be a $15 fee for every revision/edit request after the final file is sent.

Can I cancel my order?

A custom order…yes. As long as we have not started on it. We will usually contact you before we start to let you know the progress. That’s when you would say “I need to cancel my order.” 

“Time is Money and Money is Time” Just because your event cancelled doesn’t mean that the order you placed with us is cancelled as well. We consider your order as our “event”.

A design off the website… No, once purchased you have the files you have a digital product. This can not be returned. All sales are final. We sell digital files. We can not prove you opened the file and used it.

Covid Policy: We will be happy to change the date to a postponed future date on the overlay only with proof of cancellation from covid. We will still bill you for the work completed. 

All Sales are Final. 

Can I get a refund on my order?

A custom order… yes. Only if we messed up the names or date. An invitation or documentation must be presented to obtain the refund/credit. We do 99% of the time copy and paste directly from your email or form to avoid this.

A design off the website… No, once purchased you have the files. You have a digital product. This can not be returned, swapped or refunded if you already downloaded the file. All sales are final. We sell digital files. We do show records on your portal that you have downloaded the files. We will check that before any refunds are given. The website should state ZERO (0) downloads. We can not prove you opened the file and used it on your computer or device.

As of Nov 1, 2019 we will no longer be using the refund button from PayPal or Stripe. We will send you a paypal payment back or we will use another method of refunding.

Chargebacks: Customer acknowledges and agrees that under the terms of this Purchase Agreement certain charges are nonrefundable upon satisfaction of the specified conditions. In the event Customer attempts a chargeback that Photo Booth Graphics, upon reasonable investigation, concludes is in violation of this Purchase Agreement, Photo Booth Graphics may in its sole discretion dispute such chargeback as a breach of this Purchase Agreement through all available means, including without limitation, by third-party debt collection services, in which event Photo Booth Graphics shall be entitled to recover the cost of collection in addition to any other sums that may be due hereunder.

Best way to download my file?

From your Windows/Mac machine (Desktop or laptop). DO NOT use your phone or tablet. You can search all day or night on your phone and make purchases. From there you will need to move to your computer and download the files. Remember a phone or iPad can not extract a .zip folder.

What’s included in a stock template item on the store?

A stock template item will include the following:

  • Product Display – (this is for your reference only)
  • Fonts – Download and install first.txt – This is where you download your fonts
  • Help.Txt – This points you to the support page on our website.
  • Photoshop File – PSD – This is the Fully Layered Editable file
  • Sample – This contains the product display + sample.png files. You can showcase these on your website if you Iike.
  • Standard License – This is the TOS agreement. Biggest thing. Do NOT SHARE. TRADE. RESELL or GIFT a Photo Booth Graphics property. 
  • Textless PNG Overlay – This is an “AS-IS” png template. This allows you to use the template in your own editing software. Most booth softwares/apps allow you. This will also have a Darkroom XBDR file with coordiantes already built in. 

If you have an older file on the site they may not have that built in yet. We are working on updating the files as quickly as we can. If you come across one please let us know and we will update it. 

We also have an editing service if you need help: photoboothgraphics.com/custom

What is an Event Ready JPEG, PNG, APNG, MOV or MP4?

An event-ready overlay template is a flattened PNG file created solely for that particular event. This is NOT an editable file that can be used over and over again. If you would like a photoshop version of your file please email a request to design@photoboothgraphics. We will invoice you for the difference.

See a design you like, but it’s not in your size or orientation? Here’s what to do…

Simply email us the request BEFORE purchasing the design on our website. After the request has been made, we will add it to our website and send you the link.

If you have already purchased the design and make the request for a resize or an orientation change…we will make the redesign and place it on our site for purchase. This is considered a new product.

Requesting to edit a stock item from the store.

Adding a logo, changing colors, translating to another language are some of the examples of edits we do on our stock items. We require that you purchase the original file from the store for licensing purposes. From there we will charge an additional edit fee. Contact us for more info.

Where is my order?

If you purchased directly off our website Our site will automatically set up an account for you and your downloads will be under the tab “Your Downloads”. Your username will be your email address. Your password will be what you entered when you made your first purchase with us.

If you purchased a custom design We will have it in our order queue. Typically takes between 2 – 10 business days depending on the holiday or event season (March – June & Sept – Dec. are the big Texas events months). Best practice is to send us the design request as soon as you book the event. Our practice is that we typically look at the event date and try our best to get those to you two weeks in advance.

If you have not received your design call 469.844.1050 or email support@photoboothgraphics.com.

What is a PSD file?

A PSD is a Photoshop Document file that can be edited in any editor that can open a PSD file type. We do recommend Photoshop CC. The photography plan is just fine.


Animated Screens

  • File Types: .mp4, .mov, .wav, or .swf (Mirror Me)

Animated Overlays

  • File Types: .png sequence, .apng, or .mov, .mp4

Turn Around Times

  • Animations take a bit longer than static designs do. Please keep that in mind. We ask for 5 business days as a comfortable time period for packs or large orders. Simple or small orders we can do within 1 – 3 business days.

Animator’s Office Hours

  • Our Animator is in office M-F 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM CST. Excluding major US Holidays. 

Animated Overlays

Our animated overlays are created in After Effects. We do try to add a master PSD file to allow for text or logo placements when using a png sequence for photo, boomerang or gif. We create them equally at 16 png files.

VideoFx Animated Overlays are delivered in APNG, MP4, MP4 Mask, or MOV. 

Some of our animated overlays are made to be for effect purposes like a prop. You can add these to your other templates to give it a pop.

To decrease the size of the file after saving in photoshop we suggest using PNG compressing tool such as www.tinypng.com

Animated Overlay File Types & Uses

We offer multiple types of animated overlays. Each having their own role in the different softwares and purposes. 

  1. PNG SequencePhoto Booth Side – Great for Photo, Boomerang, and GIF. Most photo booth softwares allow for this. **Warning this is not for VideoFX or 360 booths. **
  2. APNG – “Animated PNG” – This is a file that can be used with transparentcy as an overlay. Currently Snappic can use this file type. 
  3. MP4 Alpha/Overlay – This is a new file type (HEVC) that can be used with transparentcy. Snappic, Touchpix, Curator Live use this. 
  4. MOV HEVC Alpha/Overlay – This is a new file type (HEVC) that can be used with transparentcy. Lumabooth uses this file type
  5. MP4 Mask – This is a two file setup. This allows for transparentcy without using any special codecs and coversions. File 1. Overlay.mp4 – What you see. File two – Mask.mp4 is the black and white version of the overlay. What is black will be transparent. Snappic currently allows this. 
  6. MP4 Background. This is a file you can use with either a greeen screen or AI segmentation. 


How can I place a custom order?

We prefer you use our online system on located here.

Custom Design Order Form

If you have any questions or files to send please send them to design@photoboothgraphics.com

How do I edit the template I purchased off the site?

You will need photoshop for all of our templates we sell on the site. There are some great tutorials on youtube if you would like to do it yourself.

See: https://photoboothgraphics.com/prepping-template/

We do offer to edit it for you for an additional fee. Visit: photoboothgraphics.com/order to make the edit request.

Do you accept any other form of payment vs PayPal or Stripe?

On the website we do not. If you need/want to pay a different way you can contact Clay directly at 469.844.1050 or clay@photoboothgraphics.com and arrange another payment method. If you choose to do this your product will not be on the “Your downloads” page for future downloads.


Can I track my order?

Sure, just give us a call or email.

Which softwares do you support?

We support all major softwares and iPad apps.

Trademarked and Licensed Themes.

We will not use any images that are trademarked, registered, or copyrighted without the proper license. This means we will NOT do Disney, Marvel, DC Comics, Universal Studios, etc… However, we can mimic the style, colors, and close fonts of the theme you are requesting. To request for us to use Disney assets follow this link: https://www.disneystudiolicensing.com/

If you are using assets from a stock website like Adobe, Envato, Dreamstime, or something similar then we will need you to purchase those from the site and supply us with the license. If there is a font that you need that costs then we will either bill you for the font + a fee or you can supply the font to us. 


Stock items: In the zip file you will find a fonts.txt file. This is a link to the font where we downloaded the original font from. Since, the font websites are third party we do not have control of if they remove the fonts, changed the link, or change it to paid fonts. Please try googling the font name and grabbing it from another source if our supplied link does not work. This is of course at your own risk.

Custom: We do our best to use commerical free fonts from dafont.com and fontsquirrel.com. If there is a font requested that cost we will add that cost to your bill. 


We will only support PHOTO BOOTH GRAPHICS products. We will help with photoshop questions and how to edit our products only. If you need help with installing our products into apps/software, contact your software/app’s tech support team. We do not work for the photo booth software companies. We are a third party art supplier. Effective 12.1.2019, we will no longer help out free of charge for boothers and their software. We will charge a $50 tech support session for every 30 minutes of time. If we have to log into your computer, there will be another $25 connection fee.


Unless otherwise stated, content on this website can be used under the Creative Commons License Attribution Share Alike. Content from third party websites is subject to their own copyright, please refer to the site of origin for more information.


STANDARD LICENSE See Standard License TOS Page for details.

EXCLUSIVE LICENSE: You can purchase an exclusive rights license for your design request for an additional $99/file. This will keep your design request to your use only. Without the ERL, Photo Booth Graphics, will have the ability to add the design order to the website as a product or may use the design again for another customer without royalties to you.