Animated Overlay File Types & Uses

We offer multiple types of animated overlays. Each having their own role in the different softwares and purposes. Be sure to check with you software to see which file types they allow for which function you are using in the booth software. 

  1. PNG SequencePhoto Booth Side – Great for Photo, Boomerang, and GIF. Most photo booth softwares allow for this.
    **Warning this is not for VideoFX or 360 booths. **
  2. APNG – “Animated PNG” – This is a file that can be used with transparentcy as an overlay. Currently Snappic VideoFX can use this file type. 
  3. MP4 Alpha/Overlay – This is a new file type (HEVC) that can be used with transparentcy. Snappic VideoFX, Touchpix, Curator Live use this. 
  4. MOV HEVC Alpha/Overlay – This is a new file type (HEVC) that can be used with transparentcy. Lumabooth uses this file type
  5. MP4 Mask – This is a two file setup. This allows for transparentcy without using any special codecs and coversions. File 1. Overlay.mp4 – What you see. File two – Mask.mp4 is the black and white version of the overlay. What is black will be transparent. Snappic currently allows this. 
  6. MP4 Background. This is a file you can use with either a green screen or AI segmentation. 

Note: If you are using a windows based machine you will not be able to preview the mp4 & mov HEVC (alpha) on any windows based player. You will need to download Quicktime or play it on an Apple device.

Our animated overlays are tested with Darkroom Booth, Breeze, Dzen Tech, Curator Live, Snappic, Luma Booth, and Touchpix. Please see the software capability section of each product page. These have been tested in the softwares listed on their respective product pages.

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Search Tip

When searching for a template or animation by the “event theme” vs the “Event Type”. Your event or party will have a wide range of themes that we will not have any idea is an actual theme! That’s why it’s best to search by theme instead of event type.