Our templates are super easy to edit within photoshop or anything that will edit a psd. We do highly recommend Photoshop to be the only way to edit these.

After you download your template from our site follow these steps to prep your template to be edited. 

  • Browse to your downloads folder and locate your file. We usually start the template name with PBG- or MT-.
  • Do a right click on the .zip folder and go to “Extract All”.  A new folder should pop up with your template files.
  • When you are in the folder you will see two text documents one will say help.txt and the other font.txt.
  • Open font.txt. copy the link for each font and paste into an internet browser> after downloading the font file and installing it you will be ready to rock and roll with the psd file. ‎
  • We like using blending options (AKA: FX or Layer Styles) for easy color changes. Color Overlays or Gradient Overlays is what is most commonly used. 
  • Hex or RGB codes is what you will need to find for your color choices. A simple Google search will help find your exact color code. 

If you run into issues send an email Including the following: File names, software, and what your issue is. Email the file to

*All of our templates use photoshop to edit the layers & text items. We recommend the $10/mo Photography plan from

Saving your template

All our templates are saved as overlay.png. We only offer background.jpg when we do green screen events.

**Note** In photoshop make sure that the photo cut outs (inside the frame) has a checkerboard. If not it will not be transparent. Simply turn off the layers by clicking on the eyeball to the left of the layer to hide it. If you see a gray or black box in the background that is called “Photo/picture placements”. Hide this layer. 

Best practice to save in photoshop is to use File > Export > Export as PNG. 

If your overlay file is larger than 2mb use a compression tool such as

If you require a background.jpg please download them here free: background.jpg


Editing Your Template in Photoshop

Editing Rustic Mason Jar Template.

Resizing a template



Follow the link below for instructions on how to use our videos in your Darkroom Mirror Booth.

Be sure to use the .mp4 from the product folder.


Follow this link to a tutorial:



Below is a key of our layer styles that we use in Photoshop.

Green = Editable item
Red = Important info and layers that can not be deleted.
Orange = Elements
Violet = Frames and Photo Placements