Video Outros (Post Roll)

Cool! You have a 360 booth! Let’s get the cool video intros, video outros, and animated overlays on the final outputs!

  • Video Intros: Start at $50
  • Video Outros: Start at*
    • 1 Format: $50* (Ex. Square, Landscape, or Portrait)
    • 2 Formats: $75* (Ex. Square, Landscape, and/or Portrait)
    • 3 Formats: $99* (Ex. Square, Landscape, & Portrait)
    • 5 Formats: $150* (Typically used with TouchPix or mix and match software)
    • *Reminder: The Intro, Capture (overlay), and Outro must match sizes. Example: All much be square, or all much be a portrait, etc.

Place an order

We will contact you about your request in 24 business hours.

Video Intros

A video intro is commonly known as a pre roll video. This introduces the story line. These can be ordered here: Video Intros

Video Outros

A video outro is commonly known as a post roll video. This ends the story line. Commonly known as credits or branding. Great place to add your logo and contact information.

Turn Around

Depending on the type of project and deadline will determine the turn around time. Typically overlays and single screens will take 2-3 business day depending on the season or the number of orders we have currently.

Revision & Editing Policy

    • We send one proof. If the customer does not like the design we will allow for one revision request.
    • Editing to proof: 3 edits. This includes color, font changes, or a format change. After the third edit we will charge a new order fee in addition to the first order.
    • There will be a $15 fee for every revision/edit request after the final final is sent.


Custom starts at $50.00 per video. We will charge a $50 base fee here on the form. If any changes in price we will let you know depending on how you want the logo to look.

Pricing can be found on our pricing page.

Pick a video outro (logo reveal)  from our pre-made selection!

Pick a size, supply your high resolution logo and we will match colors.If these do not fit your needs please fill out the custom form located on this page.

DIY Premade Templates

Square Templates
See More Square Templates

MP4 Mask
See More Mp4 Masks

Contact us for the animated overlays to be converted to your format. A charge will be added.