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PB Graphics Template Widget Plugin!

Embeddable Template Gallery

The plugin showcases our unbranded beautiful and interactive designs on your website with a couple of clicks.

With the ease of a click from your client they will be able to choose and customize a design for your company to edit.

Template Gallery Widget

The choice is yours between with our embeddable template gallery

The PB Graphics Widget
100% Free. Per template purchase required.
Display our artwork and use the edit form directly on your site
Showcase a Gallery of Templates
Embeddable Template Gallery
Custom Design Form that Emails You Directly
New Designs Added Monthly
Per Product Template Purchase
One Year Agreement Required
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Widget F.A.Q.

PBG Template Widget is 100% Free. Per template purchase required.

HTML, Boothbook, CheckCherry

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*** Your subscription will auto-renew on your anniversary date. You can cancel at any time from your account settings.
One Year Agreement will still apply and is non refundable. See TOS. 

Gallery Widget Compatibility: Please consult with your web developer that your site can accept custom HTML and JS Codes. 

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Benefits of the Widget

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See our Term of Services (TOS) Agreement

*** Your subscription will auto-renew on your anniversary date. You can cancel at any time from your account settings. One Year Agreement will still apply and is not refundable. 

Edit submissions sent directly to your email!

Once your client fills out the form you will get an email directly to you with the edit request and link to the template of choice!

Experience the gallery below

Below is an example of the widget. This will only show you what the client sees. Please make sure to put your email into the form and we will forward you the submission. *This is not a way to order edits from us.

Widget F.A.Q.

Top questions about the widget subscription!

How does the widget work?

The widget is an embeddable gallery with a form that will allow your customer to fill out their customized requests after they chose the design that they want. This form will email you with the design requests and a link to purchase the template from the site.

How do I add this to my site or booking site?

From the get-widget page, you will enter the email with which you registered your subscription with. From there you will select the template sizes you want to show on gallery or select all.

Create a new page on your website. Example /templates. Copy and paste the code into your custom HTML area or div.
Boothbook and CheckCherry instructions coming soon

Who does the edit work?

DIY. Our photo overlays are photoshop files. We also include a textless PNG file that you can add your own text box to the as-is design.

We do have staff available for edit requests if needed. These start at $15 per file.

Which products can I NOT edit myself?

Anything animated on our site is not editable by any software outside of our office. We create these in After Effects and do not include these in the purchase. These will have to be edited by us. 

You can however depending on the app or software add an additional “master” overlay to place text or logos. 

Need help setting up?

Schedule a time with our staff to help you add the widget to your website. Be sure to download and install to your machine.