Adding artwork to a Darkroom Template

How to add add the textless png to the provided XBDR. 

Currently we supply a textless png file to each template. This allows you to add your own text box to the templates. Note that you can not change colors with this option. 

  1. After downloading your template and exacted the zip locate the “Textless PNG” folder. You’ll find the as-is overlay.png file.
  2. If the XBDR file is not included in the the folder. Click here for a free download of all our blank XBDR files. Download XBDR Darkroom Blank Templates. 
  3. Uploading the blank xbdr to darkroom
    1. If you haven’t already extracted the zip folder containing the xbdr templates then right click on the and click on extract all. 
    2. Open the Template Library and click on “add” at the top of darkroom.
    3. Navigate to the folder named “PBGraphics-BlankXBDR-BoothTemplates” 4. You should now see the previews of the blanks booth templates.
    5. Click on “Add All”


    Adding your artwork.
    1. a. Save your artwork as a PNG file with transparency for the photo spots.
        b. If using Darkroom Editor skip to step 2.
    2. Find the corresponding blank xbdr file and double click or press edit.
    3. Click “Add Artwork”
    4. Browse to your png file. (Side note: You do not need a background.jpg file)
    5. Make sure your artwork is at the bottom of the template items. (opposite of photoshop layer pallet) 
    6. If using the textless png from our folders follow the steps below. 
        a. If you are wanting to use the fonts we used in the design click on the fonts.txt file located in the template folder. Copy and paste the link into your internet browser then install into your windows font. If you want to use any other fonts simply skip this step.
       b. Click on “add text” and add your desired text. 
    7. Hit save and have fun!

Adding Animated Screens


After you download your animations from our site follow these steps to prep your animations to be used on your device.

  • Browse to your downloads folder and locate your file. We usually start the template name with PBG- or MT-.
  • Do a right click on the .zip folder and go to “Extract All”.  A new folder should pop up with your animation video files.
  • When you are in the folder you will see two text documents one will say help.txt. Contact us if you need any help.
  • Most (If not all) PC/iPad softwares will use the .mp4 version of the animations. Fotomaster v1-v8 will use .SWF files.
  • Your software may require a Codec: Download Codec KL

If you run into issues send an email Including the following: File names, software, and what your issue is. Email the file to

Some softwares require a smaller file size then we render out as. Here is a good website to compress the files.

How to instructions to add your videos to your computer or device.


Follow the link below for instructions on how to use our videos in your Darkroom Mirror Booth.

Be sure to use the .mp4 from the product folder.


How to add an attract screen to Darkroom Booth

How to add an attract screen to Darkroom Booth

Select Device Control

From the menu at top in Darkroom drop down and left click on “device control.

Adding the Video

Once you click edit on “Attract Mode” you will find the button “Add” from there click on “Video

Uploading the MP4 video

1. Check the three (3) boxes on the left. Loop Video, Maintain aspect ratio, and playback using fullscreen.
2. Click on browse and find your mp4 file. (Hint: Make sure to unzip your .zip file you downloaded from our site or that we sent you as a custom item.

How to add an attract screen to a “Traditional” (Non Mirror) Booth

The process is almost the same as setting up a mirror in device control. The difference is turning everything else off other then the “Attract mode” video section. You’ll only have the “Attract mode” checked. Nothing else.

Editing Your Template in Photoshop

Editing Rustic Mason Jar Template.

Resizing a template


Follow the link below for instructions on how to use our videos in your Darkroom Mirror Booth.

Be sure to use the .mp4 from the product folder.


This tutorial will help you with the custom coordinates for the picture placement.

Follow this link to a tutorial:

Need us to Edit the Template for you?



Below is a key of our layer styles that we use in Photoshop.

Green = Editable item
Red = Important info and layers that can not be deleted.
Orange = Elements
Violet = Frames and Photo Placements