If you are having issues with a Photo Booth Graphics product please let us know. Support is available Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM and occasionally on Saturdays. Please always send us an email or message and we will try to respond quickly.

Include: File names, software, and what your issue is. Email the file to design@photoboothgraphics.com.

*All of our templates use photoshop to edit the layers & text items. We recommend the $10/mo Photography plan from www.photoshop.com

Common Support Questions

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  • How to videos
  • What are the photo coordinates of my template?
  • Downloading and editing my template purchase
  • How do I setup an Animated Screens in my software?
  • How do I setup an Animated Overlay in my software?
    Coming soon – Please check with your app developer for instructions. 
  • What license rights do I have with my purchase?
  • What if I am doing a white label job?
    As long as you are the main contractor for the event you can use the product with your white label (sub lease) contractor. Do not share the layered file with the sub leased company. This is licensed to your company and your company alone. Supply the subleased company with a finalized file. Screens and animated overlays will require a secondary purchase for the sublease company to be able to use them in their booths as they are finalized files from the purchase point. 
  • How do I know which template to buy?
    When choosing a template from our site be sure to know your camera orientation. If you have a DSLR camera this is most important. Where as an iPad booth does not require a specific camera orientation. 
    Within the photo cutouts on our product displays you will notice a camera icon. These are hints for you to know which way your camera should be mounted in the booth to move forward with this template purchase. Typically a mirror booth will use a vertical or portrait camera orientation where as a traditional booth will use a horizontal or landscape camera orientation.
  • What if my template is not the right size?
    Depending on your software will determine the the resolution that the template should be. For example Darkroom, DSLRbooth, PBU, Curator, Fotomaster Mirror Me, and Snappic use 1200 x 1800 @ 300 dpi for a 4×6 or 600 x 1800 @300 dpi for a 2×6.
    If you are using Breeze or social booth you will need to know the resolution of the printer that you are using. Example the DNP RX-1HS is 1240 x 1844 @ 300 dpi for a 4×6 where as the Mitsubishi CPD70(7)DW for a 6×4 1864×1228 @ 300 dpi. 
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