Event Themes and why they are important

One of the very first questions I always ask is “What is the event theme?”

Why do I ask this? Simply because no event is just plain Jane and simple. They all have some type of decor theme. Whether it be a bar/bat mitzvah, Quinceañeras, prom, wedding, whatever it may be.

I’ll be quite frank about this. If you tell me “no theme” but give me some colors I will come back with flat colors, and simple text at the bottom of the strip. We want to make something really awesome for you but we need you to put the work into it as well. Find out what they want on their prints.

Here are some questions I ask:

  1. Please supply an invitation, event website or something that you used to attract your guest to your event.
  2. What decor are you using on your center pieces?
  3. What are the exact color names you are using?
  4. Have you looked at google images or pinterest for muses for your event?
  5. Do you have an idea board?

Hopefully, this blog post will help you along the way to make something beautiful for your client.