How do I install fonts on my Windows PC?


  • Make sure you are installing the desktop fonts and not webfonts. Fonts purchased for @font-face embedding cannot be installed as a desktop font. If you purchased both, you may be looking in the wrong folder.
  • Zipped folders MUST be unzipped. Some Windows operating systems allow you to peek inside a zipped folder. This does not mean it is actually unzipped.

Windows 10

  • Unzip the folder containing the fonts first. Fonts cannot be installed if they are zipped.
  • Right click on the font file and select Install.


  • Search for Fonts in the search box by the start menu.
  • Click on the Fonts (Control Panel) link to open the Fonts Manager
  • Drag and Drop or Copy and Paste the unzipped fonts into the Fonts Manager to install.

Windows 8

  • Unzip the folder containing the fonts first. Fonts cannot be installed if they are zipped.
  • Right click on the font file and select Install.


  • Go to search in the start menu.
  • Search for Fonts in settings.
  • Click on the Fonts Folder to open the Font folder.
  • Drag and Drop or Copy and Paste the unzipped fonts files into the Fonts folder to install.

How it all started. is a sub-company if Clay Moore Studios. We are a graphic design firm that specializes in photo borders, photo booth templates, marketing materials, commercials, animations, and websites.

Clay Moore started helping a boother of the name, Scott Harris, out in 2008 with graphic design after meeting him in a photo booth Facebook group.

Shortly after, he met Dave Stephenson on the same group. Dave decided to start the photo booth network. Clay became the original three admins of the photo booth network.  This is where the company began.

Nine years later…we are currently the number one recommended custom design firm for multiple different forms of graphics in the photo booth industry. We thank you all for the continued support!

Pop up Templates

The newest craze is here and sold on our site!

We have tested the pop up templates and had amazing results with Darkroom, Curator PixBooth 2 (magic), MirrorMe, Breeze, Social Booth, and snappic.

Here is how this works.

First off you will need a greenscreen or PixBooth 2 Magic to accomplish this cool effect.

Secondly, you will need photoshop or a software that can open a PSD file.

Here is where the knowledge base begins.

This will take two files to make it work. Background.jpg and overlay.png

The background and the back of the floating frame will be in the background.jpg. The front of the frames with the pop up (ex: presents from the holiday files) will be in the overlay.png file.

Coordinates: we keep a frame that we ask you to hide in photoshop (the eyeball) if you use your ruler tool and measure from the top left hand corner of that frame to the bottom right hand corner you will see coordinates up top in PS. X is left, Y is top, Width and Height.

Have fun with it and if you have any questions I am here to help. Best way is to email


Time is Money and Money is Time

What exactly do I mean by the saying “Time is Money and Money is Time?”

It’s simply this… When in business we always look at things that are going to either save us money or it’s going to save us time. Which option is more important to you?

My goal is to help the entertainment company owner save some time by doing what I know best. That’s the entertainment business and graphic design. I have the best of both worlds! Twenty long years of entertainment and 18 in graphic and web design. This allows me to have the concept of what you the business owner needs most in your business.

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Animate is of course difficult to some. It’s just like any sport or playing an instrument. The more you practice the better you become at it. Let us take care of this for you. Don’t stress on it.

Here’s the idea for us here at we want to help people like you reading this blog post out. We would rather see you out selling yourself vs spending 10 hours behind your computer trying to figure out how to put a design together. Just think about how many venue visits you could make in 10 hours! Go get on that preferred vendor list! Make that cash flow happen!

So let us help you save your time with the creative stuff. You handle the sales. It’s a win-win situation!


Will you donate your booth?

Will you donate your booth?

We’ve all had the call, or more likely the email, “I’m looking for someone to donate their services for lots of great exposure…”

If only “exposure” paid the bills. My typical thought is always something along the lines of “That’s a great idea, and actually I’m looking for someone to call everyone in town to see who needs a photo booth, whaddaya say? I can’t afford to pay someone for this, but it’ll be great exposure for you! Just think of all the people you’ll talk to, surely many of them will be in need of your services!” or my back up, “If the exposure we’re going to get is going to be so amazing, I’ll tell ya what. You pay full price and for every person at your event that books, I’ll pass all the profits on to you. No? But what about the exposure? You trust the exposure, don’t you?”

Well, let’s face it… exposure is a hit or a miss. We all know it depends on the event.

With photo booths there are many different ways you can advertise with the booth. From your contact information on the print, the text/email from the social stand, banners, etc.

We came up with a great practice in our company we came up with a great way for the non-profit organization to make extra money from our booths. Now before going further with the story I will make this super clear, “Pay per pic NEVER works.”

Most of the non-profits organizations have something in common they sell sponsorship opportunities on their advertising and the back of t-shirts. Take advantage of this!

I use to work in advertising at a local newspaper in Mount Pleasant, TX. We had two different rate structures. We would have one rate for a for profit and another rate for a non-profit organization. This is exactly the practice that we follow in my company. It’s roughly about $95 cheaper than what my normal rate is.

We have had major success with this sponsorship practice! We had a non-profit use our booth and went by our suggestions of advertising sales built into their sponsorship packet. They paid us our rate of X amount. They were able to profit an additional $1600.00 over the top of what they paid!

They quickly learned that exposure doesn’t work for us. With this one client we were able to gain another few clients by word of mouth of this practice! Don’t forget that in the service industry that WOM (Word of Mouth) is the best form of advertising.

On a completely different note, you can always use exposure to your advantage with your vendors. Use it at your local networking chapter to show your vendors what you can do.  We all know that our venues, photographers, DJs, PR agencies, and so on are our best form of advertising.

Now if you have a non-profit that is dear to your heart it is perfectly OK to donate your booth for your own piece of mind!


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Logo/Art Submissions

Let’s talk about logos and/or any art submissions when coming down to custom orders.

When it comes down to logos and/or artwork it’s always best to send them in .eps, .pdf, .ai, .psd, .tiff file types. There are some exceptions to the rule as such as a background design or a picture for a green screen. That’s the only time it’s ok to send a jpg or a png file. Doc files will only be accepted for text information purposes only.

Why is it better to send it those file types?
.eps, .pdf, .ai, .psd, .tiff

  1. They are in layers
  2. They are HD
  3. They are not compressed
  4. They have a transparent background.

Why a jpg/jpeg isn’t a good file?

  1. They do not supply a transparent background.
  2. When extracting a logo from a jpg file the edges now become pixelated/fuzzy.
  3. Once it’s enlarged or shrunk on the canvas it can not be moved back without cutting out the logo again.
  4. just don’t.

Is a PNG file ok?

It is the same thing as a jpeg. There is a chance that you or whomever sends the logo to you in a png file can save it out with a white background which in turns makes it useless.
If you send it correctly (transparent background) we will accept it and move forward.

Here comes the big NO NO!
Never submit a logo in a word doc file. Our designers will email you back quickly and tell you that the order will be placed on hold until the correct file types are sent.

Please help us make it super easy for us to make a perfect product for you!


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New Designers

Welcome to the design staff! Jimmie Malone and Karina Piano!

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