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How do I install fonts on my Windows PC? Important! Make sure you are installing the desktop fonts and not webfonts. Fonts purchased for @font-face embedding cannot be installed as a desktop font. If you purchased both, you may be looking in the wrong folder. Zipped folders MUST be unzipped. Some Windows operating systems allow

How it all started. is a sub-company if Clay Moore Studios. We are a graphic design firm that specializes in photo borders, photo booth templates, marketing materials, commercials, animations, and websites. Clay Moore started helping a boother of the name, Scott Harris, out in 2008 with graphic design after meeting him in a photo booth Facebook group. Shortly

Pop up Templates

The newest craze is here and sold on our site! We have tested the pop up templates and had amazing results with Darkroom, Curator PixBooth 2 (magic), MirrorMe, Breeze, Social Booth, and snappic. Here is how this works. First off you will need a greenscreen or PixBooth 2 Magic to accomplish this cool effect. Secondly,

Time is Money and Money is Time

What exactly do I mean by the saying “Time is Money and Money is Time?” It’s simply this… When in business we always look at things that are going to either save us money or it’s going to save us time. Which option is more important to you? My goal is to help the entertainment

Will you donate your booth?

Will you donate your booth? We’ve all had the call, or more likely the email, “I’m looking for someone to donate their services for lots of great exposure…” If only “exposure” paid the bills. My typical thought is always something along the lines of “That’s a great idea, and actually I’m looking for someone to


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Logo/Art Submissions

Let’s talk about logos and/or any art submissions when coming down to custom orders. When it comes down to logos and/or artwork it’s always best to send them in .eps, .pdf, .ai, .psd, .tiff file types. There are some exceptions to the rule as such as a background design or a picture for a green

Hello world!

Welcome to Kallyas MU. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

New Designers

Welcome to the design staff! Jimmie Malone and Karina Piano!

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