Pop up Templates

The newest craze is here and sold on our site!

We have tested the pop up templates and had amazing results with Darkroom, Curator PixBooth 2 (magic), MirrorMe, Breeze, Social Booth, and snappic.

Here is how this works.

First off you will need a greenscreen or PixBooth 2 Magic to accomplish this cool effect.

Secondly, you will need photoshop or a software that can open a PSD file.

Here is where the knowledge base begins.

This will take two files to make it work. Background.jpg and overlay.png

The background and the back of the floating frame will be in the background.jpg. The front of the frames with the pop up (ex: presents from the holiday files) will be in the overlay.png file.

Coordinates: we keep a frame that we ask you to hide in photoshop (the eyeball) if you use your ruler tool and measure from the top left hand corner of that frame to the bottom right hand corner you will see coordinates up top in PS. X is left, Y is top, Width and Height.

Have fun with it and if you have any questions I am here to help. Best way is to email clay@photoboothgraphics.com